ScaleBase Releases New Version of MySQL Database Scalability Product

ScaleBase has introduced Data Traffic Manager 2.0 for MySQL databases. The new version builds on the attributes of version 1.0, which focused on improving scalability and availability for next-generation applications, as well as providing centralized management, Paul Campaniello, vice president of marketing for ScaleBase, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Data Traffic Manager 2.0 provides the ability to simultaneously scale multiple applications and databases in a public or private cloud, says Campaniello. “Now rather than supporting one application and one database, we support and simultaneously scale multiple applications and multiple databases,” he explains. “If you have three apps on Amazon and they have three separate databases, we can handle all six of those entities, those three apps and those three databases.”

Version 2.0 also provides a new centralized management dashboard that gives users a complete picture of the whole application and database infrastructure with information and alerts on utilization rates, pass-through rates, processing rates, and other metrics. “It is a very natural maturation and evolution of the product,” says Campaniello.

A third key feature is support for replicated databases across geographical boundaries, with location-independent load balancing and failover. “If you are running in a data center in Brazil and you have a query in Brazil, the first thing we will do is route that query to Brazil,” says Campaniello. “However, if for some reason the Brazilian data center is down and you need to get to the California data center, unbeknownst to the person executing the query, we will automatically route it to the California data center. It is location-independent load balancing and failover. 

Finally, the new release also adds general speed and performance enhancements, says Campaniello. “We have more than doubled the speed of our previous queries and we have a new advanced read/write splitting process.” This results in better throughput and resource allocation.

Data Traffic Manager 2.0 is available today. For more information, visit

For information about the recently released MySQL 5.6, go here.  

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Posted March 20, 2014