ScaleBase Releases Results of its MySQL Database Benchmark Test

ScaleBase, Inc. has announced the results of its database benchmark test. ScaleBase has achieved 180,000 Transactions per Minute - the highest result for a MySQL database - while running on an Amazon RDS environment.

According to the company, the ScaleBase Load Balancer solution proved how well it can scale MySQL, by running a DBT-2 benchmark, which is similar to the standard TPC-C benchmark, on the Amazon EC2 platform with the Amazon RDS database.

The results are important, not just because of the high number of transactions, Liran Zelkha, vice president, Product Strategy, ScaleBase, tells 5 Minute Briefing, but also because of the linear scalability that the ScaleBase Load Balancer showed.  "An almost constant amount of transactions per second was added, for every additional RDS instance added to the environment. In addition, the solution provided for excellent response time, nearly a fourth of the single server response time, showing just how well a cloud database can perform when equipped with the proper tools," Zelkha says.

The ScaleBase Database Load Balancer is a packaged solution for scaling MySQL databases. Officially launched in August 2011, ScaleBase utilizes two techniques for scaling: read-write splitting and transparent sharding (a technique for massively scaling-out relational databases.

The ScaleBase Database Load Balancer is intended to enable MySQL to scale transparently, without forcing developers to change a single line of code or perform a long data migration process. The technology is suited for any application in which scalability, performance and speed are critical, including gaming, e-commerce, SaaS, machine-generated data, and Web 2.0, the company says.

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