ScaleOut Software Adds Integrated Data Analytics to Services

ScaleOut Software is releasing ScaleOut StateServer Pro, adding integrated data analytics to the company’s ScaleOut StateServer in-memory data grid (IMDG) and distributed cache.

ScaleOut StateServer Pro builds on its powerful foundation and takes in-memory data storage and distributed caching to the next level with integrated, data-parallel analytics.

This advanced capability enables applications to extract immediate insights that identify issues and new opportunities, increasing the business value of their fast-changing data.

“With the release of ScaleOut StateServer Pro, we are pleased to make powerful advanced features available to our ScaleOut StateServer users,” said Dr. William L. Bain, founder and CEO of ScaleOut Software. “We are excited to offer the latest ‘big data’ capabilities with integrated, easy to use APIs that enable our customers to uncover important new insights in their data.”

With ScaleOut StateServer’s IMDG, businesses can eliminate database bottlenecks, dramatically reduce access latency, while automatically scaling throughput on demand.

ScaleOut StateServer Pro extends these capabilities by integrating a software-based compute engine that enables applications to instantly analyze data stored within the IMDG.

 Key features include:

  • Immediate insights on fast-changing data
  • Automatic, scalable performance for fast results
  • Easy to use APIs
  • Minimum data processing overhead

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