ScaleOut Software Joins Digital Twin Consortium

ScaleOut Software is joining the Digital Twin Consortium to help define and advance the use of digital twin technologies across various industries.

“We are excited to join the Digital Twin Consortium,” said Dr. William L. Bain, founder, and CEO of ScaleOut Software. “We believe that digital twins offer great promise across numerous industries from telematics to IIoT, healthcare, physical security, and eCommerce. They can dramatically improve situational awareness for managers of live systems spanning thousands or even millions of data sources, and we are delighted to help raise awareness of the concept of harnessing digital twins for streaming analytics via the Consortium.”

As defined by Digital Twin Consortium, the digital twin concept encompasses use cases for both product lifecycle management (PLM), where the idea originated, and for real-time streaming analytics for live systems.

ScaleOut Software’s real-time digital twin technology represents the latter approach and adopts this concept for streaming analytics.

The company’s “real-time digital twin” software architecture for streaming analytics across industries provides more informed decision making in the moment for applications that track thousands of data sources.

Real-time digital twins create a “model” of each individual data source as they track the specific characteristics relevant for the goals of streaming analytics, such as detecting anomalous conditions or predicting failures.

This generalization of the modeling concept allows digital twins to analyze not only physical devices but also a wide array of data sources that would not be typically considered, such as ecommerce shoppers for a recommendation system.

Real-time digital twins:

  • Provide Immediate, Contextual Insights
  • Aggregate Insights to Identify Trends and Issues
  • Simplify Development and Deployment

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