SchemaHero Now Provides Support for CockroachDB

SchemaHero, an open-source database schema migration tool, is now offering support for CockroachDB, making it easier for developers to deploy schema updates to the popular database.

Written as both a CLI utility and a Kubernetes Operator, SchemaHero makes database schemas declarative, eliminates the task of creating and managing sequenced migration scripts, and is compatible with all environments in which an application is running.

SchemaHero solves the migration challenge and can deploy schema updates for CockroachDB databases, whether the database is in the cluster or external.

The tool also supports writing a YAML-defined schema and deploying it to the SchemaHero operator, after which the operator can query the current CockroachDB schema, determine the changes necessary, and generate CockroachDB-compatible migration scripts for developers to approve and apply.

CockroachDB scales horizontally very quickly and easily. It offers fully-distributed ACID transactions, zero-downtime schema changes, and support for secondary indexes and foreign keys, according to the vendor.

CockroachDB provides scale without sacrificing SQL functionality. It also supports JSON datatype to store NoSQL data.

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