Schooner Information Technology Releases HA MySQL and InnoDB Solution for Mission-Critical Use

Schooner Information Technology, Inc., which develops and markets high-availability (HA) high-performance MySQL software for mission-critical applications, has unveiled SchoonerSQL v5.1, a full build of the MySQL database and its standard InnoDB storage engine, with additional Schooner enhancements.

According to the vendor, SchoonerSQL was designed to address the needs of database administrators and data center managers who must deliver minimal downtime, ensure maximum service availability for their OLTP (online transaction processing) applications, and want the simplicity and low cost of a MySQL-based offering. SchoonerSQL 5.1 was developed to deliver 99.999% service availability with full data integrity, immediate and automated failover and recovery across a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN), unlimited scaling with high performance and high data consistency, and simplified cluster administration.

"It is very common for people who have mission-critical applications to want to have a data center, for example, in Las Vegas and one in New York, or one in New York and one in London for disaster recovery purposes," Jerry Rudisin, CEO for Schooner, tells 5 Minute Briefing. While the previously release provided synchronous replication features for MySQL, enabling a cluster of up to 8 servers all running MySQL in a standard master-slave configuration, with a guarantee of no data loss and full data integrity because all the servers were kept fully synchronized at high speed, Rudisin says, "What we are adding in our 5.1 release is very high-speed asynchronous replication across a wide area network, so between data centers that are widely distributed geographically, and with the same immediate automated failover across those data centers."

That, coupled with the capabilities Schooner provided before, gives the company "a true 5-nines high availability story," guaranteeing less than 5 minutes of downtime per year, Rudisin says.  "And - you can get it from standard, straight-forward widely-understood MySQL plus InnoDB, a standard plug-in storage engine."

According to the company, Schooner's parallel multi-threaded synchronous and asynchronous replication architecture delivers much better performance and reliability than traditional MySQL-based replication schemes. SchoonerSQL improves throughput and eliminates both "slave lag" and the need to throttle back the master server to allow slave servers to stay current with the master. By increasing throughput, the company says, SchoonerSQL helps reduce spending on database servers and the power, pipe, and people to run them.

The new SchoonerSQL 5.1 release, synchronized with the MySQL 5.1source code base, will be generally available in mid-November 2011. "We think that this really broadens the market for MySQL because it expands the envelope for which MySQL can be used easily and efficiently," says Rudisin.

SchoonerSQL is supported on all widely-used x86 Red Hat / CentOS servers from Dell, HP, IBM, and may be downloaded for a free trial.

Visit for more information. Customers using the previous 3.1 release will receive 5.1 as part of the standard Schooner Customer Support service.

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