Schooner and Ispirer Partner to Smooth Migration Path to SchoonerSQL

Schooner Information Technology, Inc., which develops and markets high-performance SQL database software, and Ispirer Systems, a provider of multi-platform database migration solutions, have formed a partnership to facilitate migrations from other databases to SchoonerSQL.

"Partnering with Ispirer removes the barrier of complexity from migrations to SchoonerSQL - allowing a broader range of database customers to consider Schooner either for net new deployments or wholesale migrations," says Pavan K. Venkatesh, Schooner information technology director of product management and strategy. "Ispirer provides a proven, fast and seamless migration to Schooner's complete database from a variety of higher-priced, competing solutions."

According to Schooner and Ispirer, SchoonerSQL provides an alternative to enterprise databases from IBM, Oracle and Microsoft, offering similar features, functionality and manageability at a fraction of the cost to license and support, and Ispirer's migration tool, SQLWays, can reduce the cost and time of migration projects by more than 70% compared with manual conversion or partial conversion using other migration tools.

"SQLWays for SchoonerSQL automates up to 99% of the migration process, making it an optimum solution for enterprises looking to switch databases," says Ispirer co-founder and product manager Dmitry Tolpeko. "With this partnership, Ispirer is removing any obstacles to transferring from expensive database vendors to SchoonerSQL, as well as expanding customer reach for our already popular migration tool."

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