Seagate Delivers New High-Density Storage Enclosure

Seagate Technology announced the launch of a high-density enclosure built with a next-generation operating system that is designed to help deliver greater performance, capacity and reliability. The 5U84 enclosure also employs Seagate’s Advanced Distributed Autonomic Protection Technology (ADAPT), to help eliminate performance degradation during a disk drive rebuild. The technology disperses data across multiple drives, allocating more resources to rebuilds.

The 5U84 system includes up to 1.0PB of raw storage capacity into a single chassis, and is designed to occupy only five data center rack units. Hosting 84 drive bays that are tested to function with 8, 10, and even 12TB drives, the product density of the 5U84 allows for a large quantity of data to be stored in a smaller space, the vendor states.

“Traditional data protection approaches in a high-density enclosure often result in un-manageable rebuild times in the event of a device failure,” said Ken Claffey, vice president of Seagate Systems. “With this next-generation operating system, businesses are provided with multi-core functionality, allowing multiple cores to share the workload as specific processing tasks are distributed to individual cores, meaning every resource is used to its maximum potential.”

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