Seagate Releases ‘All-in-One’ Backup Device

Seagate has begun shipping a new backup device designed as an all-in-one appliance engineered for large enterprise companies and service providers seeking a data protection solution for multiple operating systems and applications, including Oracle databases. The new Seagate EVault Backup Target Appliance (BTA) is the latest in a portfolio of appliances aimed at data centers requiring up to 100TB of usable capacity.

The BTA is based on Seagate’s hybrid cloud model, which supports environments where both private (on-premises) and public (off-premise) storage is utilized. It enables backup to a private, public or partner cloud and features 65TB of useable storage capacity.

“The Seagate Evault BTA has been designed for database administrators who want more control and increased flexibility to deploy backups, where needed,” said John Bedrick, Seagate product line director for Cloud-Connected Products. “Also key to the BTA is its unique hybrid architecture as the only appliance of its type able to backup to a private, public or partner cloud.”

BTA has been designed to use any enterprise application’s backup software, giving the IT team complete control over how to schedule and execute backups and restores. BTA also deploys backup and recovery storage vaults wherever they are needed, supporting up to 65TB of data. These include DeltaPro backups, enterprise components and granular restore.

For more details, visit the Seagate site here.