SearchYourCloud Signs OEM Agreement with SAP

SearchYourCloud (SYC), a provider of a patented federated search and security application, is entering an OEM agreement with SAP, allowing SYC to integrate and offer the capabilities of SAP HANA Cloud Platform with the SearchYourCloud Server.

“We enable people in the enterprise to find stuff across the enterprise in more than one area,” said Simon Bain, CEO of SearchYourCloud. “We are very excited and pleased about this agreement.”

SearchYourCloud Server runs on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, enabling businesses to increase productivity flows through indexed search capabilities and mitigate impact on operational speed or lag in providing the results or files that have been requested by the user.

The SAP HANA database servers back the requests instantly, enabling the SYC software to run at its optimum and respond to requests quickly and expediently.

The SYC Server allows users to drop and share files into the cloud store of their choice directly from their devices, while its patented federated search allows users to perform a single search across all of their internal and external file storage and applications, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Box, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange.

Using enabled document-level encryption on all files, SYC Server provides a completely secure, at-rest security layer, complementing the existing firewalls and mobile device management solutions that are already in place.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform allows partners to build and extend applications in the cloud using the in-memory technology and process acceleration provided by the SAP HANA platform, which enables businesses to make smarter decisions faster through real-time analysis and reporting.

A small/medium sized enterprise will benefit from this agreement, according to Bain, further opening up doors for businesses.

“We’re coming in at a relatively low price and you get the benefit of the security, the ability to use our search across all systems,” Bain said. “But you also get the benefit, speed, reliability, and support of the SAP Hana Cloud platform.”

SearchYourCloud will be attending TechEd in LasVegas from Oct. 19 through the 23 to demonstrate how the partnership will work.

“We are very excited about it and will show people how SAP Hana can be used in a smaller to medium sized companies,” Bain said.

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