Secret Double Octopus and FEITIAN Technologies Collaborate to Deliver Passwordless Security

Secret Double Octopus, a provider of enterprise passwordless authentication, is partnering with FEITIAN Technologies, the acclaimed manufacturer of hardware authentication tokens and security keys, offering an easy touch-and-go authentication solution for the entire workforce, and a clear path to becoming a fully passwordless enterprise.

“The demand for better authentication solutions for employees, particularly passwordless authentication, is greater than ever and with this exciting partnership we give our global corporate clientele an even wider selection of authentication options to complement our Passwordless Enterprise platform,” said Raz Rafaeli, co-founder and CEO of Secret Double Octopus.

FEITIAN Technologies is a prominent global provider of secure and innovative multi-factor authentication (MFA) hardware as well as identity and access management (IAM) solutions.

FEITIAN manufactures and provides enterprise-grade biometric hardware, FIDO2-certified security keys, fingerprint readers, smart-cards, and other security and authentication solutions for the workforce as well as the consumer space.

Secret Double Octopus is revolutionizing workforce authentication with its Octopus Passwordless Enterprise technology, designed and built for the unique requirements of complex enterprise infrastructures.

The Octopus platform is to date the only enterprise-grade solution able to solve any authentication use-case, from the workstation and on-prem applications to cloud services.

“FEITIAN is excited to partner with Secret Double Octopus to offer expanded options when it comes to passwordless authentication. We understand the importance of the Octopus Passwordless Enterprise technology and the enhanced value of integrating our biometric security keys,” said Gautam Vij, chief revenue officer of FEITIAN Technologies.

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