Securiti and Lacework Partner to Deliver Holistic and Contextual Data Protection

Securiti, the pioneer of the Data Command Center, and Lacework, the data-driven cloud security company, are announcing their recent strategic partnership, aiming to unite the companies’ two technologies—Lacework’s Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) and Securiti’s Data Command Center—to empower enterprises to maintain high data security across increasingly complex multi-cloud landscapes.

Amid narrowly focused point security solutions—despite the growing intersectionality between enterprise teams—Securiti and Lacework combine their powers to offer a single solution capable of broad security controls and visibility.

Securiti’s best-in-class contextual data intelligence and unified controls across the hybrid cloud, paired with Lacework’s security coverage from code security to runtime applications, forms into a comprehensive, integrated solution that intends to bring ease to the complexity, according to the companies.

"Securiti's Data Command Center goes beyond narrow Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) functions, encompassing all environments and data privacy, governance, and AI governance in a single, unified platform," said Rehan Jalil, CEO of Securiti. "By partnering with Lacework, we are extending the reach of our platform and allowing customers to achieve a truly data-centric security posture. This sets a new standard for data-protection-driven security."

Lacework’s security findings provide broad visibility into data flows, where Data Command Center—which delivers the functions of DSPM and DSP as well as the visibility for SaaS, IaaS, data lakes and warehouses, and on-prem data systems—delivers context around the risk of Lacework’s findings. This gives overwhelmed security teams a much more holistic and intuitive view of the risk and patterns involved between apps and datastores, according to the vendors.

“We just think the whole is greater than the sum of the parts,” said Adam Leftik, VP of product at Lacework. “We don't think that customers are looking for point solutions in this space just to solve the cloud security problem, but [they] also need to solve governance issues as well as compliance.”

“We all always hear complexity is the enemy of security…and that's where I think there's strong synergies between the organizations,” added Nikhil Girdhar, senior director of data security at Securiti. “We are trying to not just protect data and protect the infrastructure but do it in a way that's much more holistic and makes life easier.”

With Securiti and Lacework’s partnership, interlinking data can now be secured despite its interdependencies, resulting in greater data protection and compliance in multi-cloud environments. This solution also benefits the overall remediation experience by both accelerating and increasing the quality of decision making.

Joint customers of Securiti and Lacework can now experience the companies’ joint solution, which includes the following benefits:

  • Highest-priority risk identification with data sensitivity tags and risk models
  • Threat prioritization with threat analysis models
  • Increased incident investigation confidence
  • Improved prioritization and remediation
  • Streamlined compliance

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