Security Solution Company LogRhythm Maintains Release Momentum with Latest Updates

LogRhythm, the company helping security teams stop breaches by turning disconnected data and signals into trustworthy insights, is debuting its 7th consecutive quarterly release, building on the company’s consistent implementation of new features over the past year. This latest release brings new capabilities and improvements to LogRhythm Axon, LogRhythm SIEM, and LogRhythm NDR, continuing to drive rapid and confident security implementation for customers navigating an evolving threat landscape.

LogRhythm’s release—much like its previous—is entirely based on what its customers need in regards to securing modern, complex environments, according to the vendor. 

“LogRhythm is a very customer-focused company,” explained Kish Dill, chief product and customer officer at LogRhythm. “Everything we do is to drive and provide value for our customers...Based on the feedback that they [our customers] give us, that’s the inspiration [for LogRhythm’s release].”

“We hear that our customers are overwhelmed, that security is hard, that it’s a never-ending battle, that the bad guys continue to do things differently—they get better, they get smarter. And so our customers have to get better and smarter,” Dill continued.

In forwarding this customer-centered approach to security, LogRhythm’s updates to Axon reflect the company’s ongoing dedication to optimizing SOC teams and analyst efficiency, according to the company.

By leveraging a unique, seamless integration with broad case management improvements methodology, LogRhythm delivers a centralized case view, paired with a user interface that eliminates context switching. This approach unifies case-related information in an effort to empower security analysts with a holistic, intuitive experience that places value in readily-available insights.

“LogRhythm Axon provides a security operations platform, and in doing so, we’re really trying to help our customers secure their environment from beginning to end,” said Dill. “Many customers will oftentimes have to use a third-party case management tool, and that creates a situation where the analyst has to do a ‘swivel-chair.’ They’re working in one system for visibility, rules, and investigation, and then they have to go document it somewhere else.”

“[By] introducing case management to our security operations platform, we eliminate that swivel chair so that analysts can be more productive… [with] everything they need in one platform,” Dill added.

LogRhythm Axon is also receiving a variety of other enhancements, including:

  • Enhanced Assisted Search which improves analyst productivity with recent searches, search lists, and search queries
  • Expanded visibility for the Microsoft Office 365 Management API with an additional collector
  • Improved Axon Agent management for increased efficiency for on-prem data collection

In addition to LogRhythm’s updates to Axon, LogRhythm SIEM sees improvements to log source onboarding and the overall platform experience.

Log ingestion is at the foundation of any organization protecting itself against the myriad threats that face a modern enterprise. However, logs undergo constant change, daily, making ingestion a rather dynamic—yet critical—endeavor.

Twenty years in the making, LogRhythm SIEM is a robust, feature-rich solution that simplifies and improves log ingestion for ensuring searching and reporting downstream. The latest updates include:

  • Broadened support for onboarding additional Beats and Open Collectors from a single location
  • Simplified Windows Event log onboarding and enhanced analyst workflows while reviewing alarm notifications
  • Expansions to LogRhythm’s library of supported log sources and parsing capabilities, enhancing SIEM’s correlation and analysis of data

“For us, being really focused on that log source onboarding and making sure that we’re keeping up with new cloud log sources [is crucial]. We are constantly trying to make it easier because this is an ongoing task,” said Dill. “The fewer clicks it takes, the fewer seconds it takes to onboard log sources, matters.”

LogRhythm’s release also features new capabilities for LogRhythm NDR, including a new toggle button for hiding safelisted items in the Hunt Activity Page, expanded IP geolocation contextualization, and enhancements to detection engines of machine learning DNS models.

“This is a never-ending process for us. We are committed to releasing updates across our portfolio every quarter. There is always going to be an improvement based on customer feedback that has informed us on what we need to do,” said Dill. “Having a predictable cadence that our customers know, ‘Hey, I’m going to get an improvement every quarter to help make my job easier,’ is very exciting.”

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