SecurityBridge Releases Next-Generation Security Dashboard for SAP

SecurityBridge, a global provider of SAP security solutions, is releasing its Next-Generation Security Dashboard for SAP, providing a comprehensive suite of security functions customized for CISOs, SOCs, and SAP Basis teams.

The dashboard now offers real-time views into threat monitoring, compliance ratings, patching status, code vulnerabilities, interface traffic, and more.

The Security Dashboard for SAP sets itself apart from competitors with its unique features. It offers a library of predefined graphs and indicators, empowering customers to create custom security dashboards tailored to their needs easily, according to the company.

Additional features include:

  • Drag and drop widgets to create customized security intelligent views from SecurityBridge Platform data.
  • Flexible filters, such as system type or custom system tags, to narrow data for advanced personalization and focus on specific SAP landscapes or systems.
  • Drill-down functions that enable a deep-dive analysis into the corresponding SecurityBridge Platform modules.  

“SecurityBridge has listened to the increasing cybersecurity requirements of the global SAP user community and developed its next-generation dashboard based on their input,” said Holger Hügel, product management director, SecurityBridge. “The net result is the Security Dashboard for SAP that offers the most comprehensive set of SAP security functions at a glance.” 

The new Security Dashboard for SAP is now a part of the SecurityBridge Platform subscription, demonstrating the company’s commitment to providing the best value to our customers at no additional cost, according to SecurityBridge.

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