Seeq Introduces GenAI Assistant to Accelerate Operational Excellence Across the Industrial Enterprise

Seeq, a provider of industrial analytics and AI solutions, is debuting the Seeq AI Assistant, a generative AI (GenAI) resource embedded across its industrial analytics platform that provides real-time assistance to users across the enterprise.

The Seeq AI Assistant empowers users to accelerate mastery of the Seeq platform, build advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI skills and knowledge, and accelerate insights to improve decision making in pursuit of operational excellence and sustainability, according to the company.

The Seeq AI Assistant provides organizations with the opportunity to further debottleneck their most precious resource—the people at the frontlines of their processes and decisions.

While GenAI is a powerful technology, it isn't innately capable of generating information and guidance applicable within the complexity and context of an industrial production environment, according to the company.

Seeq is uniquely positioned to drive industrial innovation with GenAI, given the company's expertise in industrial data and its open and extensible analytics platform that was developed to leverage and serve subject matter experts and their enterprise decisions.

Seeq provides on-demand access to critical time series data, data contextualization capabilities, and established intellectual property.

Utilizing the extensive body of advanced analytics, data science, machine learning, and coding knowledge held in Seeq technical documentation and its knowledge base, Seeq is operationalizing the power of GenAI for its customers.

Combining these competencies with prompt engineering curated by the analytics and learning engineers at Seeq, the Seeq AI assistant generates accurate and actionable suggestions for analytical approaches and techniques, code generation, and more, according to the company. Seeq also supports multiple providers and LLMs for organizational flexibility.

Seeq is available worldwide through a global partner network of system integrators, which provides training, services, and resale support for Seeq in over 40 countries, in addition to its global direct sales organization.

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