Selector AI’s Spring 2024 Release Emphasizes Streamlined and Intuitive ITOps

Selector AI, the provider of network-aware AIOps, observability, and multi-domain analytics, is debuting its Spring 2024 release, introducing a variety of innovative technologies designed to enable enterprises to truly understand and take action on their telemetry from a single, streamlined pane of glass, according to the company.

Transforming ITOps is a key driver for Selector, offering solutions that aim to unify tools, monitoring, and observability capabilities with a focus on AI that rapidly surfaces insights on the growing laundry list of IT challenges.

“We see that these challenges around operational efficiency and being able to quickly identify problems before they become customer-facing issues, and then being able to very quickly solve them, is pervasive across the industry,” said Kevin Kamel, VP of product management at Selector. “This is one of the biggest problems for IT organizations, regardless of size, so even the biggest companies that are out there…have this problem, as well as little IT shops everywhere.”

To remediate the modern challenges of IT, Selector’s Spring 2024 release introduces Selector Copilot, a generative AI (GenAI)-powered, network-oriented LLM that empowers IT teams to comprehend the insights more easily being offered by Selector’s observability capabilities.

“There's actually quite a few observability platforms that are out there…and the real challenge with using those platforms is that you really need to understand the ins and outs of how to get answers out of them,” explained Kamel. “If you don't have the technical expertise and the ability to surface meaningful insights out of that data, well, you might as well have not collected that data in the first place.”

Through a conversational interface, users can “interrogate the telemetry” to gain a deeper understanding of their IT environment, according to Kamel. Accessing all the different data stores that are part of the Selector system, Selector Copilot can answer questions such as:

  • Why is this incident occurring?
  • Who is this incident affecting?
  • Have we seen this before?
  • What do these systems have in common?
  • Are there any known issues?

Selector’s Spring 2024 release now offers native monitoring and observability functionalities, offering data collection mechanisms from directly within the Selector platform to help IT teams consolidate tools. Selector also now allows NetOps, DevOps, and SRE teams to collect and analyze telemetry from the network to the application, and everything in between, according to the company.

“We are directly looking to replace legacy monitoring platforms. We don't think that they're actually doing a good job for our customer base,” said Kamel. “What we're looking to do is be this overarching platform that can go and directly collect this data, and then surface insights from it. But if you feel really strongly about keeping some of your platforms, that's great, we're still happy to interoperate with them. But now there's sort of this optionality for our customer base and given the current economic trends around consolidation.”

Other highlights within Selector’s Spring 2024 release include:

  • Causal approach-driven root-cause analysis that accelerates incident investigation and remediation
  • Digital twin capabilities that offer comprehensive, real-time, and historical monitoring of network connectivity for large-scale networks and IT infrastructures
  • Selector GCP Marketplace availability in Q2, driving seamless software procurement, eased vendor management, streamlined pricing, and cloud commit-less environments

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