Semarchy Unified Data Platform Introduces Integration with Microsoft Azure, Provides Better End-to-End Data Visibility and Governance

Semarchy, a master data management and data integration leader, is introducing new capabilities to enable organizations to capitalize on their data that include integration with Microsoft Azure, new visibility and control for MDM workflows, and simplified data integration infrastructure deployment through Docker images.

The xDM Platform now integrates with Microsoft Azure Purview, a robust SaaS data catalog solution. Microsoft Purview provides a unified data governance solution to help manage and govern data giving organizations end-to-end visibility of their data to help them make better business decisions, according to the vendor.

With this integration, metadata in Semarchy xDM is synchronized into Purview to link the logical assets to their corresponding physical assets and provide a complete view of organizations' data via the xDM certification process.

"In short, this integration offers our xDM solution to Microsoft users leading to better data governance," said FX Nicolas, chief product officer of Semarchy. "Organizations can better understand and track their data to help them plan for the future."

Semarchy xDM addresses underlying data problems using a single software platform for governance, master data, reference data, data quality, enrichment, and workflows to improve business outcomes. xDM's data models enhance Microsoft Azure Purview customers' data catalog capabilities, according to the company.

xDM offers additional control and visibility of master data management in data-driven workflows with the introduction of a dedicated workflow administration user interface.

Through this interface, data stewards and administrators are provided with enhanced tools to control the workflow, such as reinitiating failed steps, reassigning tasks, and killing the workflow. This user interface provides users with access to global and detailed views of workflows and the path of data through them.

Data integration infrastructure deployment with Semarchy xDI has been simplified through the introduction of Docker images for the Runtime, Analytics, and License Server components.

Using Dockers allows for faster, more reliable deployments irrespective of the user's environment. Additional technological improvements to xDI further simplify control of data integration through the introduction of JSON deserializers for Greenplum and PostgreSQL, which will reduce technological overhead when working with hierarchical data. Providing the use of AWS S3 as a delivery repository allows users to keep their data in the cloud, improving efficiency.

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