Semarchy’s Acceleration Toolkit Drives MDM Success

Semarchy, a master data management (MDM) and data integration leader, is unveiling its Acceleration Toolkit, a solution designed to propel enterprises on their MDM journeys with confidence and increased time-to-value. Inspired by Semarchy’s commitment toward ensuring customer success, this toolkit works to make MDM adoption a seamless undertaking for organizations of all sizes, according to the company. 

The Acceleration Toolkit allows Semarchy to closely collaborate with its customers to rapidly build an MDM use case tailored to the client’s unique data and needs. This customer-focused approach not only emphasizes Semarchy’s commitment to the success of MDM, but also enables its customers to realize that value in as little as one month, according to the company. 

"With this toolkit, we are providing organizations everything they need to successfully build the case for MDM, see use cases tailored to their industry, prove out capabilities with their own data, and rapidly deploy MDM," said Brett Hansen, CGO at Semarchy. "We want to simplify MDM adoption and ensure customers see value quickly."

Semarchy’s toolkit features several key MDM accelerators, including:

  • ROI assessment builder to validate buy-in for MDM with research-backed models featuring 3-year costs and benefits
  • Out-of-the-box accelerator models that highlight MDM capabilities tailored to specific industries and use cases
  • MDM application with minimally viable functionality to demonstrate value
  • Educational assets that empower customers to explore Semarchy’s AI/ML roadmap, including GPT-3 implementation 
  • Rapid delivery blueprint featuring a step-by-step guide for deploying MDM with speed, derived from Semarchy best practices and methodology

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