SenSage Participating in the EMC Data Warehouse/BusinessIntelligence/Analytics Competency Center

SenSage has announced that it is participating in the EMC Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence/Analytics Competency Center to provide customers an optimized solution to manage large-scale event data warehouse and business intelligence environments. SenSage offers patented event data warehouse solutions that provide actionable results from large amounts of log and event data. The SenSage data warehouse software is integrated with EMC networked storage systems, and is designed to help organizations achieve cost efficiencies and reduce time-to-value in data warehouse deployments.

The EMC Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence/Analytics Competency Center brings together the engineering resources and expertise of industry leaders to work directly with customers to help them evaluate, plan and architect a solution that addresses their business requirements. Having SenSage participate in the Competency Center enables the two companies to work closely to ensure they can offer customers an optimized data warehouse/business intelligence solution.

Bob Schoettle, vice president of marketing for SenSage, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "our product architecture is focused on managing event data, which is anything that has a time stamp such as logs, call detail and so forth. The columnar and MPP technology is fine-tuned for managing this event data which involves many repeating fields and requires the high amounts of compression we offer. We also offer ETL optimized for event data, and solution-specific business intelligence packages for various vertical industry applications and horizontal technologies. Regarding the specific announcement about the EMC Competency Center, this is a strengthening of the business relationship that SenSage already has with EMC and is intended to give customers the opportunity to test out benchmarks and proofs of concept."

At the Competency Center, customers can view live demos based on workload and configurations to illustrate tight integration between EMC storage and SenSage, resulting in an integrated and optimized solution for data warehouse and business intelligence. Located in EMC's Santa Clara, Calif., facility, the EMC Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence/Analytics Competency Center also has Cisco TelePresence to link to EMC's Executive Briefing Centers in Hopkinton, Mass., to provide customers with state of the art video conferencing access to the resources.

For more information about SenSage, go here.