Sensaphone Introduces Remote Monitoring System for Data Centers

Sensaphone has introduced the Stratus EMS—a cloud-based, rack-mounted system that delivers information about the real-time status of data center equipment and environmental conditions to a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Sensaphone is a provider of a comprehensive line of remote monitoring products that safeguard valuable assets by tracking critical environmental data.

According to the vendor, within every data center, main distribution frame, and intermediate distribution frame is an array of micro-controlled equipment that has data and integrated sensors to control and monitor the performance of devices like uninterruptible power supplies, net meters, protocol data units and HVAC systems. The Stratus EMS utilizes this information and reads the values over Modbus RTU/485 and Modbus TCP for alarming and data acquisition. In order to prevent downtime, the Stratus EMS enables facility managers and IT personnel to easily view the status of all equipment and receive instant alerts when values fall out of range—all without adding additional wiring and sensors.

The Stratus EMS can monitor up to 64 Modbus values and also includes 12 digital/analog universal inputs for connecting external sensors such as vibration, differential pressure, leak detection, air flow, temperature and humidity. All 12 inputs and 2 outputs provide a selectable 24 VDC source for each sensor, so users can more easily wire sensors that require an operating voltage. This also provides an added cost savings by eliminating the need for an additional power supply.

Cloud-based manageability—with JSON, HTTPS, POST, cURL, REST Web services support—and the free app allow for fast status checks on the go and quick modification of critical parameters or settings. During an alarm situation, the Stratus EMS immediately notifies designated personnel via text message, email or phone call.

The Stratus EMS will soon be available with an optional rack-mounted LCD that displays data onsite and an external cellular kit for use when the system cannot be used on the same network as the equipment it is monitoring.

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