Sentenai Secures $2 Million in Seed Funding to Advance Event Stream Storage and Search Platform

Sentenai, an emerging data science technology company, has raised $2 million in seed funding to further its product and customer development initiatives. This marks one of the first investments for One Way Ventures, a new, Boston-based fund founded by Semyon Dukach and Eveline Buchatskiy. Additional new Sentenai investors include TechNexus Venture Collaborative, which will also serve as a development and commercialization partner through its enterprise network, as well as notable angels Rob May, Jennifer Lum and Julia Austin.

By providing event-based data stream storage and extensive search capabilities, Sentenai helps businesses and data scientists to more productively leverage their existing data, without requiring lengthy data engineering work. The company’s product combats data sprawl by fusing together multiple channels of event-based data, and continuously optimizes data, indexing and storage by predicting each data stream schema and learning over time as more data and streams are introduced. By helping businesses understand the information their event-based data provides, Sentenai seeks to enable more effective decision making and streamlined operational processes.

In conjunction with securing capital, Sentenai recently entered into several new pilots with organizations in the manufacturing and logistics industries, and expanded its operational and engineering teams by nearly 50%. New leadership hires include Dixi Wu as the company’s first data scientist, Luke Meleney as director of sales, Kyle Seaman as director of product and partnerships, and Jay Edwards, who was the number nine employee at Twitter, as director of (technical) operations.