Sentrigo Enters Database Vulnerability Assessment Market by Offering Repscan

Sentrigo, Inc., a provider of database security software, has announced that it has become the sole distributor of Repscan by Red-Database-Security, a 360-degree database vulnerability assessment and security scanning software available for Oracle databases. The product complements and integrates with Sentrigo's Hedgehog family of database activity monitoring software for protecting corporate databases from privileged insiders as well as malicious hackers. Repscan and Hedgehog products are available for download and free evaluation from the Sentrigo website. Repscan scans and reports on Oracle database weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Repscan was developed by Alexander Kornbrust and his team. Kornbrust's firm, Red-Database-Security, brings together developers and database administrators to offer specialized Oracle security services and solutions.

Key Repscan features include insecure PL/SQL code detection, detection of weak or default passwords from Oracle database users, more than 115 Oracle tables verified for password information, report-driven penetration testing, modified database object detection, including discovery of Oracle Root kits, altered data detection (privileged and user tables), neglected patch detection, and forensic trace discovery from common security and hacker tools.

Slavik Markovich, chief technology officer for Sentrigo, tells 5 Minute Briefing that there are many other features in addition to what Sentrigo has announced. "There is a command line interface which is good for administrators, the ability to create your own tests, separate report types for auditors, DBAs, and business managers, and the ability to schedule your security scans to run as frequently as you wish." He also indicates the "the Repscan and Hedgehog products are very complementary. You can discover a security weakness with Repscan and then have automatic conversion of those weaknesses into protection rules and policies in the Sentrigo Hedgehog Database Security Suite." For more information about Repscan and Sentrigo, go here.