Sentrigo Releases Hedgehog Enterprise v3.5 to Speed Customer Deployments

Sentrigo, Inc., a provider of database security software, has released the latest version of its flagship product, the Hedgehog Enterprise database activity monitoring and intrusion prevention solution, for leading database management systems. The new version incorporates features that allow for easier and faster deployment of highly customized security and audit policies aimed at protecting sensitive information so that organizations can meet their risk and compliance requirements.

The most significant enhancement being introduced in this new release of Hedgehog Enterprise is Application Mapping, which collects information on databases as well as the applications and users that access them, and then provides administrators with a simple interface to turn these findings into rules. While large enterprise organizations deploy granular rules to ensure that access to databases at every level is restricted to only authorized users and systems, it can be extremely difficult to identify every potential use case. Application Mapping simplifies this process by allowing administrators to use automation and statistical data to build out a customized, granular security policy quickly and seamlessly, typically in a matter of weeks.

Andy Feit, vice president of marketing for Sentrigo, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "Hedgehog Enterprise version 3.5 enables companies to do an inventory of all their databases and applications, and choose which ones to monitor. Security experts can then monitor these systems via a single management console, and see what data the applications are accessing. In version 3.5, a new tab has been added to the console for application mapping, which enables specific databases to be chosen to run statistics on, and to follow a wizard-driven process for creating security and compliance rule for these databases."

Feit also indicates that "other new features in version 3.5 include better support for wide-area networks, and a community feedback loop for improving levels of protection. Regarding WAN support, companies can now deploy lightweight individual sensors on remote database servers and use a single centralized server for monitoring. Improved data compression enables faster transmission of remote database statistics to the central server. The community feedback loop enables production systems to send Sentrigo information about new types of database attacks that may be happening, which allows Sentrigo engineers to add capabilities to fight these attacks on a real-time basis."

Hedgehog is currently available for Sybase, Oracle, and MS SQL Server databases on Windows, Linux and Unix platforms.

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