Sentrigo Ships Multi-Database Vulnerability Assessment Solution

Sentrigo, Inc., a provider of database security software, has announced the availability of an integrated database activity monitoring and vulnerability assessment solution. Hedgehog Enterprise v4.0 provides a database activity monitoring and intrusion prevention platform combined with new capabilities to find, scan and validate databases containing sensitive information on a network to meet regulatory standards.

This latest version of Sentrigo's flagship database activity monitoring software incorporates the new Hedgehog DBscanner, a vulnerability assessment and security scanning solution that provides a single management interface to the full database security suite. Whether running one module or the entire Hedgehog suite, security and compliance events as well scan results can be seamlessly integrated into most common network and security monitoring systems, now including McAfee ePO.

"DBscanner checks for more than 3,000 different potential weaknesses across an organization's database servers," Andy Feit, vice president of marketing at Sentrigo, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "These range from basic tests that identify the version of the database and whether it is at the latest patch level, to checks of common configuration mistakes, to very specific tests of individual user password strength and exploitable applications code with database access."

Hedgehog DBscanner streamlines the process of identifying sensitive data on a network and securing it properly to meet regulatory standards. By improving visibility into vulnerabilities and providing expert recommendations for remediation, DBscanner protects against damaging breaches and saves money through better preparation for compliance audits.

Hedgehog DBscanner conducts checks of Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and IBM DB2 databases. The product automatically discovers databases on a network, and then locates and identifies tables containing restricted information such as passwords, credit card details and personally identifiable information.

Hedgehog DBscanner provides an advantage over native database security and audit tools, Feit says. "Native tools are almost all specific to a single vendor's products, yet most organizations have databases from multiple providers," he explains. "This means the team must learn multiple tools, set up multiple policies, and monitor separate systems to maintain security. With a solution like Hedgehog, a single interface can protect the most popular DBMS platforms, consolidating policy management and monitoring."

Hedgehog DBscanner checks for password vulnerabilities, including password strength, use of shared accounts/passwords, and embedded passwords within applications - all through highly efficient techniques to minimize load on production servers.. Hedgehog DBscanner discovers misconfigurations and delivers recommendations and fix scripts where possible.

Designed to simplify compliance audits, Hedgehog DBscanner provides regulatory compliance report templates as well as custom reporting. Reports detail each database's current version, patch level and any discovered vulnerabilities, including SQL injection, buffer overflow, and malicious or insecure PL/SQL and T-SQL code.

More information is available here.