SentryOne Adds New Features to SentryOne Cloud Sync

SentryOne is releasing SentryOne Cloud Sync v18.4 (formerly SentryOne Cloud), adding enhanced functionality and user experience features to the company’s cloud-based monitoring solution.

Improvements include a new responsive user interface, the ability to toggle between views of database servers, and a new Top SQL view of high-impact queries that shows key performance information, including completed queries, statements, and query execution history.

SentryOne Cloud Sync—available to all SentryOne customers—provides secure, easily configurable, and highly customizable access to performance data of SQL Server instances running in cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments.

With the SentryOne cloud solution, data is automatically synchronized between the SentryOne Platform Repository and SentryOne Cloud Sync so that data teams can monitor and diagnose performance data on any Web browser.

“Our Web-based product continues to be easily accessible, shareable, and digestible,” said Christina Burgess, SentryOne product manager. “With this release, we’ve made it easier for users to find data and toggle between various summary views, dashboards, and reports. These upgrades make understanding the data on the screen more intuitive for busy DBAs who want to access their database performance information without having to install a thick client.”

The new release simplifies SQL Server database monitoring while continuing to ensure data security. SentryOne Cloud Sync gives data professionals control over the types of monitoring data synchronized to the cloud as well as options to set alias names of computers, servers, and databases before they’re synchronized. SentryOne Cloud Sync uses SSL connectivity, and data is encrypted and compressed.

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