SentryOne Introduces Database Monitoring Edition Targeted at Smaller Environments

SentryOne has launched SQL Sentry Essentials, a new edition of the company’s SQL Sentry database monitoring product. Targeted at small and medium companies as well as larger organizations that need to monitor specific data systems within their environments, the new edition provides core monitoring capabilities for up to five database instances.

SQL Sentry Essentials includes the most frequently used features for monitoring, diagnosing, and optimizing SQL Server performance, and excludes the advanced features valued by larger enterprises.

SQL Sentry Essentials is well suited for scenarios in which organizations need to deploy SQL Server performance management at a small scale, or need enterprise capabilities but aren’t ready to build the case for an investment in a larger database performance management solution, said Jason Hall, SentryOne VP of Product Management. “This new edition gives you the crucial information you need to get to the root of your SQL Server performance problems.”

SQL Sentry Essentials includes five of the most frequently used SQL Sentry features, helping data pros view essential real-time performance metrics, identify high-impact queries that are slowing performance, use proactive notifications to prevent problems, analyze SQL Server blocking and deadlocks, and view Windows resource metrics.

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