SentryOne Launches Report Pack for Database Performance in Tableau Format

SentryOne has introduced the Tableau Report Pack for SentryOne Monitoring, which allows data managers to use the Tableau Software analytics platform to view and analyze monitoring data for SQL Server, SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), and Azure SQL databases. With the new SentryOne Report Pack, DBAs and IT managers can view and share database performance insights in Tableau formats familiar to business leaders and data users at organizations around the world.

“With the release of the Tableau Report Pack, SentryOne now gives technology teams the ability to analyze and convey business-critical information about the health of the company’s data systems in a format that resonates with stakeholders and data end users,” said Douglas McDowell, SentryOne Chief Strategy Officer. “Because many Tableau users are analyzing data stored in SQL Server, Analysis Services, and Azure SQL Database, they will appreciate the ability to see how the underlying databases are performing through recognizable reports with beautiful visualizations.”

The Tableau Report Pack, which can be run from Tableau Desktop or deployed to Tableau Server, contains reports that pull SentryOne monitoring data from targeted SQL Server, SSAS, and Azure SQL databases. Data teams can see key metrics about the database environment, including high-impact queries, resource utilization across servers, processing spikes, and other factors that could degrade performance for data users throughout the company. SentryOne saw the benefit of developing a report pack for Tableau users after learning how DBAs at Tableau Software, a SentryOne customer, were using their software to display SentryOne monitoring data.

In addition to offering the Tableau Report Pack, SentryOne provides solutions that simplify documentation, data lineage analysis, and compliance. SentryOne DOC xPress helps data pros document Tableau Server environments and track data lineage from SQL Server, SSAS, and Azure SQL Database sources to Tableau reports. With SentryOne BI xPress, data pros can compare Tableau data to manage changes. With SentryOne LegiTest, data pros can validate the deployment of Tableau reports, ensuring confidence in the quality of business-critical data.

Data users can see a demo of the Tableau Report Pack for SentryOne Monitoring at Tableau Conference 2018 in the SentryOne booth, #1326. For more information about Tableau Report Pack for SentryOne Monitoring or to download a free trial, go to