Sepaton Introduces VirtuoSO to Address Big Data Protection Requirements

Sepaton, Inc., a provider of backup and recovery platforms, today unveiled a new data protection solution called Sepaton VirtuoSO that is intended to address the challenges organizations are facing due to the exponential growth of both structured and unstructured information. According to the vendor, the scale-out NAS-based data protection solution provides five times the capacity of competitive solutions at initial release with up to 22 times the capacity planned for future releases.

Citing industry estimates that project data growth to exceed 40 zettabytes by 2020, Sepaton says data protection is becoming more challenging for modern data centers and traditional data protection approaches are not robust enough to meet the most critical issues facing enterprise IT which includes the need to meet backup windows, achieve recovery time objectives, and deal with budget constraints and the increasing diversity of applications, systems, data types, and protocols. According to the company, the new system is engineered to provide support features for new and emerging protocols, data types, and backup applications as well as  new approaches to backup, virtual environments, and cloud integration. 

Sepaton VirtuoSO System is built to address scale

“The VirtuoSO System is built to address scale and to do so in the most efficient fashion with industry leading performance and advancements in data deduplication, which actually helps to reduce the amount of storage required to protect all of this data,” said Amy Lipton, senior vice president of marketing, Sepaton. “Smart” hybrid deduplication automatically maximizes data reduction and performance globally, using inline and post-processing modes, depending on data type and change rate. It also enables policy-driven setting of the deduplication mode, including an option to bypass deduplication altogether for data types such as encrypted or compressed data.

Sepaton VirtuoSO data deduplication capabilities prepare data for replication

Beyond simply helping customers save space, the new data deduplication capabilities provide value in preparing data for replication, notes Peter Quirk, director of product management at Sepaton. “If you have a disaster recovery strategy that involves deduplication to another site, it is really essential that you minimize the amount of data that has to be moved to the other side – and the way you do that is by deduplicating data so that you are only moving the changes over to the other side,” he said. “That improves the time to safety, and also reduces the communications costs.”

Sepaton VirtuoSO provides a management system with a new GUI that allows for control of the system on any device from anywhere, said Lipton. The system also enables enterprises to add performance and storage capacity independently as needed starting at 7.9TB/hour with a single node and scaling up to 16 nodes for total throughput up to 126 TB/hour in a single system.

The Sepaton VirtuoSO data protection solution is currently in limited release and will be generally available in Q1 2014. For additional information, visit