Sepaton Unveils Next-Generation Data Protection Platform

Sepaton, Inc., a provider of enterprise-class disk-based data protection platforms, unveiled its next-generation platform, consisting of version 6.0 software, which drives its new S2100-ES2 Series 1910/2910 system. The new platform delivers grid scalability of both performance and capacity; high performance; multi-protocol support; high-reliability; and deduplication. The new product is both an enabler of private-cloud computing as well as a platform for the data protection capabilities required in enormous scale-out storage environments.

Sepaton's target market is large enterprises that have a massive amounts of enterprise data, Linda Mentzer, vice president of product and program management at Sepaton, tells 5 Minute Briefing. But while the amount of data that they have to protect is growing exponentially, their backup windows are not changing, observes Mentzer. These companies still need to do backups in 8 hours or less during the week, and then over the weekend. With Sepaton's massively scalable grid architecture, Mentzer says, "we provide a data protection platform that can meet their needs today, but that can scale with them into the future, so that they only have to manage, patch and optimize one platform as opposed to having to bring in multiple platforms."

Sepaton's version 6.0 data protection platform provides several key enhancements. With performance of up to 1500 MB/sec/node, the S2100 more than doubles the performance of previous models, the vendor says. The platform features 64-bit hardware and software for maximum processing performance as well as improved power efficiency, dynamic power management, and a more flexible 2U form factor.

The S2100-ES2 platform also now supports Symantec NetBackup OpenStorage (OST) on 10 Gb Ethernet concurrently with Fibre Channel tape emulation, Sepaton says, helping to reduce enterprise technology and platform migration issues.

The new platform uses Hitachi Data Systems AMS 2100 disk arrays to deliver 99.999% data availability and features a variety of high reliability enhancements, including automatic snapshots of the DeltaStor database, a more streamlined software installation process; automatic verification of software versions on all nodes, intelligent handling of full storage pools, and redundant links between nodes.

Sepaton has enhanced ContentAware technology that deduplicates both progressive incremental IBM Tivoli Storage Manager backups and multi-streamed database backups. Enhancements in the new S2100 software deliver high deduplication ratios for a broad set of TSM environments and use cases. For more information, go here.