Sepaton is Awarded New Patents for Data Deduplication and Data Protection System Performance

Sepaton, a provider of data protection solutions for large enterprises, announced that the U.S Patent and Trademark Office has granted the company two new patents. These two new patents for data deduplication and data protection system performance are entitled “System Health Monitor” and “Distributed Garbage Collection."

The System Health Monitor patent is focused on system performance for a clustered or distributed multi-node system. “System Health Monitoring patent is the second patent that we have received that enables comprehensive system level support and proactive monitoring,” said Jane Riegel, director of customer support, Sepaton “The intention of this patent is not to drill deep into one specific issue, but to intelligently look at all the data on the system to provide an overall status.”

The Distributed Garbage Collection patent is focused on deduplication. This patent allows customers to be able to reclaim space from those duplicates without the usual slow down. “This patent is all about speed and getting rid of what you don’t want really fast,” explained Amy Lipton, senior vice president of marketing, Sepaton.

The new patents, System Health Monitor and Distributed Garbage Collection, apply to Sepaton’s products that are currently in the market, Sepaton VirtuoSO and Sepaton S2100-ES3, both multi-node distributed or clustered systems. After securing these two new patents, Sepaton has 15 patents covering the building blocks for enterprise data protection.

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