Sepaton to Ship High-Volume Data Replication Software

Sepaton, Inc., a provider of disk-based data protection solutions, today announced new DeltaRemote software that enables enterprises to back up and replicate large volumes of data at high speed for cost-effective disaster protection. DeltaRemote is intended to enable large companies to meet regulatory requirements for disaster recovery, reduce labor-intensive tape handling, and meet stringent recovery time objectives (RTO).

DeltaRemote software leverages Sepaton's "scale-out architecture" along with the capabilities of its DeltaStor deduplication software to reduce the bandwidth requirements of replication by as much as 97%, according to the company. The scale-out architecture enables companies to add performance or capacity on demand by adding modular processing nodes or disk capacity. The architecture automatically integrates added capacity and balances processing needed to back up, deduplicate, and replicate data across multiple nodes for optimal speed performance. As a result, a SEPATON system can back up, deduplicate, and replicate as much as 25TB of data per node per day, according to the vendor.

"Delta Remote basically provides the capability to electronically send virtual tape cartridges from one site to another," Steve Bagby, senior director, product planning and engineering for Sepaton, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "The replication capability for virtual tape libraries has been around for a while but to do replication with a virtual tape library up until now, you had to send all of the data from your primary site, off to your disaster recovery site. For the kind of customers that are backing up tens of terabytes per day, that is really just not a practical solution," he notes.

With DeltaRemote, Bagby says, Sepaton has taken deduplication technology that has been part of the DeltaStor product and used that to optimize the replication process. "What that means is that for a lot of the enterprises that we deal with it is now possible to do electronic vaulting so that they can get out of the business of making physical tapes and putting them in a box and shipping them by truck to a disaster recovery site," he explains. In terms of usability benefits, notes Bagby, "when you use this replication, you do it in a way that is very compatible with the way tape handling is done today."

DeltaRemote software is available May 30. For more information, go here.