Sepio Systems Introduces Solution to Protect Against Rogue Hardware Cyberattacks

Sepio Systems has announced a solution that offers mitigation of hardware-based cyberattacks. The company says the advanced mitigation capabilities protect against manipulated peripherals, transparent network devices, and firmware vulnerabilities.

Sepio's solution has been deployed in over 20 mid to large banks, insurance, and telecom companies in the U.S., Singapore, Brazil, and Israel. The current install base secures over 600,000 workstations and network ports.

According to Sepio, rogue device cyber-attacks are rapidly growing as demonstrated by recent reports of European banks losing tens of millions of dollars after hackers implanted hardware attack tools that compromised the secured infrastructure.

“Manipulated devices, intentionally used by insiders or socially engineered employees, are causing significant damage.  We also witness an increasing number of penetrated uncontrolled supply chains that deliver infected equipment,” said Yossi Appleboum, CEO of Sepio Systems. “While companies were focused on their software cyber risks, they overlooked the threat coming from their hardware. Users can not install unregulated software on a corporate computer but can easily connect an uncontrolled hardware accessory.”

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