Serena Software Announces Same-Day Support for Latest Mainframe OS

Serena Software, a provider of orchestrated application development and release management, announced same-day support for the latest version of IBM’s z/OS operating system for all of Serena’s z/OS products.

Serena’s ChangeMan ZMF software change and configuration management solution has been a part of mainframe sites for several years. “Being part of the IBM Early Test Program (ETP) is essential for us to be ready to support our leading customers on day one of new releases,” says Al Slovacek, vice president of mainframe products at Serena Software. “We aim to be first to exploit innovations in z/OS and this is how we maintain our leadership position.”

IBM's z/OS V2.2 operating system and latest IBM z13 server deliver innovations designed to help z/OS customers build highly scalable next-generation infrastructure.

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