Serena Software Launches End-to-End Release Management Solution

Serena Software, a provider of application delivery tools, is shipping Serena Release Manager, a new application lifecycle management solution that incorporates release automation, release control, and release vault into a single product.

Serena, an early player in the change management market space, is increasingly focused on "orchestrated application delivery," Mark Levy, product manager at Serena Software, tells 5 Minute Briefing. The new product, which was announced at the recent SHARE user conference in Orlando, enables release managers and other IT personnel to "manage and automate the deployment of application releases and changes in the data center and to the cloud, both on the mainframe and distributed systems," he says.

The complexity of IT environments with multiple platforms and applications, all of which have inter-dependencies, requires a new level of automation in order to minimize the impact of new releases and capabilities, says Levy. The automation provided by "Serena Release Manager" is designed to minimize the impact of large-scale updates into complex environments, particularly as those releases impact production, delivery schedules, quality standards and compliance mandates.

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