Serena Software Ships IT Dashboard for Mainframe and Distributed Applications

Serena Software announced the availability of a new release of its dashboard, designed to provide improved visibility into end-to-end IT process performance and new accessibility on mobile devices. Serena will be exhibiting Serena IT Dashboard at the SHARE Technology Expo at Booth #417.

Serena IT Dashboard provides key performance indicators (KPIs) and dashboards that are specifically designed for application lifecycle management (ALM) and IT service management (ITSM) processes. With this release, customers now have an enterprise dashboard tying together all Serena technologies, including performance metrics of both mainframe and distributed systems.

“When we first released the dashboard, it was primarily around application development metrics to enable insight into things like quality and development packages,” Miguel Tam, senior product marketing manager, Serena, tells 5 Minute Briefing.  With this latest release of the dashboard, he explains, integration of IT operational metrics and application development metrics enables CIOs to view SLA compliance, overall operational performance, and then also see the metrics on the application development side. For example, if there is a defect or an issue that has been reported in production, response of the development team to the issue can be seen, as well as whether it's on the distributed side or on the mainframe platform.

In Serena’s meetings with customers, there has been strong interest in having an access point to see data from both mainframe and distributed systems, notes Jeff Westenhaver, global product marketing manager for Serena. “When it comes down to today’s applications that are being built and deployed, they tend to transverse across heterogeneous platforms, including both mainframe and distributed and so you need that wide coverage view across both platforms and that is what is key,” adds Mark Levy, product manager at Serena.

The new Serena IT Dashboard offers built-in best practices, along with configurable views, so IT executives can deploy enterprise IT intelligence solutions that adapt to changing environments. The dashboard integrates with the mainframe, and now also is available on tablets and laptops. Initially, mobile support extends to the iPad “because that is what our customers have told us is the most important,” says Tam. Going forward, support will be expanded to Android tablets and smartphones.

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