Serena Software Ships Solutions to Accelerate Application Development

Serena Software, a provider of application development and delivery solutions, announced new application definition and development solutions designed to speed application delivery. These include new versions of requirements management and software change and configuration management solutions in use today: Dimensions RM version 12.3 and Dimensions CM 14.2.

“With these releases Serena once again sets the standard for software development in the most highly regulated large enterprises,” said Ashley Owen, product marketing manager at Serena Software. “Today we are challenging all development teams to experience new visualization, collaboration and inspection capabilities that will accelerate creation and delivery,” he added.

Serena Dimensions RM 12.3 is a requirements management solution with a set of tools that support of requirements capture, verification, visualization, organization and prioritization. Based on a collaborative web-based framework, Dimensions RM provides capabilities for large enterprise teams to manage, track and trace requirements from definition to delivery.

The new package includes new configurable requirements lifecycle workflow that helps manage ownership and security around requirements definition and approval. The new release also includes extended integrations to help users manage their enterprise architect definitions and MATLAB Simulink model artifacts, linking them directly business and system requirements improving verification, validation and traceability.

Serena Dimensions CM 14.2 is a software change and configuration management solution that includes tools intended to help developers to deliver code changes collaboratively and quickly. The new release includes a continuous inspection toolchain to help users configure their sequence of “expert” tools to inspect or process code. Developers experience rapid feedback and immediate visual indicators within their development process. Expert tool-chains can be run on every commit, or on a schedule (for example, hourly, nightly or daily).

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