Serena Software Ships Updated Change and Configuration Management Solution

Serena Software, a provider of application development and release management solutions, has released a new version of its process-based software change and configuration management product. Serena Dimensions CM 14 makes possible global collaborative parallel development, in which development teams streamline and automate their development practices, visualize and minimize conflicts, reduce compliance risk and assure a high degree of software release readiness.

“Dimensions CM 14 is eliminating the complexity of parallel development, while increasing development team collaboration and providing unique visibility into the health and quality of development deliverables, smoothing the transition to Continuous Delivery,” said Ashley Owen, director of product marketing at Serena Software. “More than 150 enterprise-class Dimensions CM users have validated these new capabilities through our extensive preview, beta and special interest programs, and their excitement and enthusiasm for this release is overwhelming.”

The new capabilities in Serena Dimensions CM 14 enable software development organizations to improve software quality through improved visibility and insight into the suitability of code for release, as well as increase development efficiency by minimizing rework and visualizing and reducing code conflicts.

The new Dimensions CM 14 user interface provides a visual and interactive timeline of development deliveries and uniquely associates continuous integration and peer review status, providing real-time visibility into health and quality. It also provides an ability to visualize changes and code branches across multiple projects, platforms and locations enables teams to streamline the delivery of code changes in a process that is consistent and easily managed, while visual change history provides continuous insight into change health and release readiness.

Dimensions CM also supports native integration with the Appcelerator mobile development platform and integration and interoperability with additional IDEs such as Apple’s Xcode. The addition of Safari support extends Dimensions CM usage to Mac OS X clients.

More information is available on the company’s website at