Serena Software Targets Mainframe DevOps

Serena Software, a provider of application development and release management solutions, is shipping a new version of its change, configuration, and release management solution for mainframes running z/OS. Version 8.1.1 of ChangeMan ZMF includes new capabilities to enable mainframe development.

“ChangeMan ZMF’s change package architecture enables mainframe application development teams to easily support agile methodologies,” said Al Slovacek, vice president of mainframe products at Serena Software. “In our last user group survey, over half of the respondents were using ChangeMan ZMF to support agile development for mainframe applications. Relevant stakeholders have full visibility, allowing complete awareness of development activities impacting their changes.”

ChangeMan ZMF v8 enables software change and configuration management practices for both modern and legacy applications running on z/OS. For example, ChangeMan ZMF v8 can optionally support a self-service model for development where developers can develop, deploy, test, and release software changes to the mainframe all from within their desktop Eclipse IDE.

New Serena ChangeMan ZMF capabilities include IBM Automatic Restart Manager Support, including an ability to recover automatically in the event of an address space, or LPAR failure. Utilizing ARM, the ZMF server task can be restarted on the same LPAR (local restart), or on any z/OS image within the Sysplex (cross-system restart) according to predefined policies, and without operator intervention.

ZMF also makes extensive use of XML and Web services for extensibility. HLLX exits allow customizations to business and presentation logic to be encapsulated in a layer that sits on top of the ZMF task. This enables all clients (ISPF, Eclipse, RD/z, Windows) to have the same experience and outcome while eliminating the need for ISPF panel customizations.

In building upon ZMF’s already-capable management and support for DB2, ZMF 8.1.1 provides facilities to support SQL-PL (aka Native-SQL) stored procedures as generated by IBM’s Data Studio IDE. This will include support for DB2 SQL-PL versioning as well as a mechanism for reconciling what is stored in the ZMF baseline against what is currently in the production DB2 catalog.

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