Serena Software Teams Up with Information Builders to Enhance IT Management Dashboard

Serena Software, a software development lifecycle vendor, has expanded its partnership with Information Builders, a provider of business intelligence solutions, to extend BI capabilities to application lifecycle management and IT service management. Using the Information Builders WebFOCUS BI platform, Serena is enhancing its Serena Dashboard to provide higher-level intelligence across both its own solutions and third-party IT tools.

"Our extended partnership with Serena Software brings numerous benefits to IT managers, including increased visibility and ease of use across the entire IT lifecycle," Gerry Cohen, Information Builders' president and CEO, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "While  not designed specifically to address the challenges of 'big data,' our solution nevertheless helps organizations that are struggling with large data sets as it provides a holistic view of enterprise information, regardless of whether it was delivered via multiple platforms. Having data accessible in this comprehensive format allows IT managers to streamline operations and, perhaps more importantly, enables the organization as a whole to derive maximum value from existing information."

Information Builders and Serena first partnered in 2011 to address the challenges IT leaders faced in obtaining an enterprise view into development status and lifecycle process metrics. With the implementation of the Serena Dashboard, organizations have been able to obtain near real-time insight into their end-to-end application delivery procedures and automate processes for speed, auditability, and efficiency.

Through the extension of its partnership with Information Builders, Serena is now giving its customers the ability to acquire richer insights in a cohesive format for the entire application and IT service delivery lifecycle, regardless of whether they are delivered via multiple platforms. "Too often, businesses are prevented from deriving maximum value from their BI deployments by being forced to conform to a vendor-based solution," says Steve Brodie, group vice president of the ALM Business Unit at Serena Software. "This partnership enables us to give our clients unparalleled BI capabilities that transcend changes in platforms or processes, ensuring that organizations have high-quality information they can rely on from initial demand to deployment into production."

Key features of the Serena Dashboard include insight into both ALM and ITSM data and process metrics, the ability to leverage built-in or configurable metrics across Serena's platform and third-party IT solutions, and dashboards that easily adapt to changes across third-party tools, IT metrics, and business processes.

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