Sharding Technology Now Available from ScaleArc after Acquiring ScaleBase

ScaleArc is acquiring ScaleBase in an effort to enhance its database load balancing solutions with sharding technology. “Sharding is the ability to segment out data into separate database clusters based on certain parameters,” said Justin Barney, CEO and president of ScaleArc. “We see that sharding will become a technology that will become more useful and prevalent in the coming years as data continues to grow and more apps come online.”

By incorporating ScaleBase’s technology and Intellectual Property ScaleArc’s offerings will broaden around application availability and zero downtime for enterprise application. “As the market continues to build and evolve and the need for sharding becomes more and more important, we’ll be able to help address that in the future for our enterprise customer base,” Barney said.

ScaleBase’s patents and patent applications cover database sharding and analysis.  This Intellectual Property adds to ScaleArc’s four granted patents that cover transparent query queuing, transparent caching and routing, and transparent user authentication offload for database load balancing.

“We see it as a good strong future investment in what the market will need down the line,” Barney said. “We are migrating some of the Fortune 500 customers over to ScaleArc to come into our fold under our umbrella,” Barney said. “They can now take advantage of our technology that goes much broader than ScaleBase.” Additionally, several experts, employees and customers from ScaleBase will transition to ScaleArc.

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