SharePlex 11 by Quest Software Ushers in High-Performance Database Migration Between Popular Platforms

Quest Software, a global systems management, data protection, and security software provider, is announcing the general availability of SharePlex 11, a data replication solution that aids enterprises in mission-critical database replication while ensuring data synchronization and high performance—now supporting PostgreSQL and Snowflake. 

SharePlex 11 represents Quest’s efforts to support complex data replication journeys across a variety of popular data platforms with particular attention to database availability, systems interoperability, and the creation of enterprise-grade architectures.

“SharePlex has supported the world’s highest volume and mission-critical Oracle environments for over two decades. We are proud to build on this legacy and know that this is going help businesses expand what is possible with PostgreSQL,” said Rick Schiller, senior product manager for SharePlex. “In addition to the PostgreSQL capabilities, we are also excited to support Snowflake as a target and help customers rapidly take advantage of the great new technology Snowflake brings to the market.”

SharePlex 11 provides PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL active-active replication with conflict resolution to maintain high availability, disaster recovery, and horizontal scaling. Active-active replication between Oracle and PostgreSQL, also with conflict resolution, supports Oracle migration journeys.

“As enterprises continue to look for ways to reduce overbearing license costs and lower their IT spend, PostgreSQL continues to demonstrate that it is a viable open-source database option. Our mission is to ensure that customers who wish to adopt PostgreSQL for their mission-critical applications have the necessary availability, disaster recovery, and horizontal scaling capabilities they need to confidently deploy PostgreSQL” said Bharath Vasudevan, VP of product management and marketing for Quest ISM.

The ability to offer interoperability between platforms Oracle and PostgreSQL is a highly emphasized feature of SharePlex 11.

“We want to be the vendor who can address both markets, Oracle and Postgres. There are an infinite number of sources and targets that you could try to build out—and there's going to be a customer somewhere that needs some unique combination of those two things,” explained Schiller.

Additionally, replication to Snowflake for data pipeline creation into Snowflake Data Cloud is offered with SharePlex 11. The solution further offers data migration from PostgreSQL to Kafka and SQL Server targets, enabling real-time analytics and integration.

“We're aiming for that sweet spot of database replication dynamic data movement. There are not many vendors who can do the type of high volume, low latency, resilient, low impact replication that we can do; that’s required to do those most complicated database replication use cases,” concluded Schiller.

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