Shift5’s Predictive Maintenance Module Transforms Raw Data into Actionable Insights for Transportation Industries

Shift5, the observability platform for onboard operational technology (OT), is debuting the Shift5 Predictive Maintenance Module, a complementary module that ingests Shift5 platform’s real-time data to surface actionable insights that predict and schedule maintenance in defense, rail, and aviation industries.

Predictive maintenance can make or break critical systems that rely on accurate, real-time data. Data downtime is a major contributor toward system inefficiency, prompting its operators to deal with the aftermath of critical failures. Without predictive maintenance, teams are left to their own devices in analyzing abundant system data, ultimately over-allocating resources to do so.

To predict maintenance, systems’ data must be constantly monitored. A rampant misconception plagues these sorts of systems’ understanding, where many believe that an existing data flight recorder collects all of the data that a particular system emits. Unfortunately, while data recorders exist, they only capture a percentage of the total communication.

To tackle this data blind spot, Shift5’s observability platform executes passive, full-take capture from any onboard source while being hardware, bus, and protocol agnostic. The Shift5 Predictive Maintenance Module then transforms the raw data collected into comprehensible insights that provide teams with the power to detect, identify, alert, and act on operational abnormalities, according to the company.

“It's about liberating 100% of that data, or what we refer to as full-take data capture,” said Egon Rinderer, CTO at Shift5. “We [Shift5] do a boatload of pre-processing and enrichment and translation on this data, so that our customer can actually make sense of it. And then we liberate that data not only for…things like predictive maintenance or security, but we also want to liberate that data and democratize it into other systems where the customer can get additional value out of it.”

Designed to complement existing toolsets, the Shift5 Predictive Maintenance Module grants users the ability to access, translate, and store onboard operational data, informing operators of when to perform maintenance optimally. This not only drives better, faster decisions that reduce downtime and optimize resource usage, but enforces robust safety protocols that can predict failures through autonomous monitoring of system thresholds. Optimized resource usage and predictive maintenance means more available and reliable systems without breaking the bank, all centralized within a single solution.

“There's lots of niche technologies out there; there are data recorders for particular buses or particular vehicles, there are products out there that do data recording, and there are other products that do data analysis and alerting, allowing you to write deterministic detection capabilities and those sorts of things,” explained Rinderer. “What Shift5 is essentially bringing to this part of the market is a complete, end-to-end solution from data acquisition to data curation, enrichment, translation, and real-time and post-mission analysis.”

Shift5 employs a price per module per asset pricing model, with an annual subscription SaaS model. The Shift5 Maintenance Module is now available for all customers.

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