Newsletters Offers Multi-Cloud Incident Automation on Google Cloud and AWS, the Incident Automation company, is releasing its platform on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), building on existing GA support for AWS.

Customers can now seamlessly remediate issues across their multi-cloud environments as if they were working on a single box, according to the vendor.

“Multi-cloud environments are becoming ever more common and complicated to operate,” said Anurag Gupta, CEO and founder of Shoreline. “Shoreline’s ability to provide parallel fleet-wide debugging and automated remediation has been proven with AWS. With today’s announcement, we now offer the same seamless experience across Azure and GCP as well. This makes it simpler for customers to debug incidents and automate repairs without intricate hand-coding for each cloud environment.”

Shoreline manages the cloud-specific complexity of discovering resources, scraping metrics, and building automations, with commands executed in parallel across VMs and containers in all three clouds. Interactive commands return in seconds, regardless of fleet size. This allows SREs to debug in real-time and quickly build automations across the three largest cloud providers, increasing reliability.

All Shoreline capabilities, including role-based access control and audit, run consistently across clouds, reducing the challenges of managing multi-cloud production environments, according to the vendor.

Shoreline automatically discovers resources and tags, providing a unified resource hierarchy across cloud environments. Customers can transparently query and execute actions across clouds, regions, accounts, and clusters without logging in and out of different VPNs, reducing manual labor and the need to juggle many cloud-specific tools.

Whether you are handling instance maintenance events in a multi-cloud environment, moving or copying files to cloud storage, or autoscaling, Shoreline allows users to take full advantage of each cloud without worrying about the differences between clouds.

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