SiSense 5 Aims for Mass Adoption of Analytics by Non-Technical Users

SiSense, a business analytics and dashboard SaaS company, has unveiled SiSense 5 the latest version of its analytics solution. Purpose-built to encourage mass adoption of users and frequency of use, the solution was unveiled at the O’Reilly Strata Conference.

“Everything that we did in 2013 was really leading up to this release,” said Elad Israeli, co-founder and CPO of SiSense “This release is a brand-new business intelligence product that from a technical perspective basically allows unlimited numbers of queries to be executed and enables business users to query large amounts of data using a user interface that is completely browser-based.

SiSense 5 works on any device including desktop, tablet, smartphones. The solution has been redesigned from scratch to support a smooth user experience from mobile devices. It includes push notifications and drill down capabilities, among other new features - features designed to increase adoption. Users can execute the queries from any device on their own without any involvement from IT, added Israeli.

According to the company, IT and business users have been slow to embrace mobile business analytics, in part, because a visually appealing front-end with limited back end capabilities is not of that much use. To be of value, solutions must be easy to use, scale to large deployments, and allow users to view and analyze large volumes of data and share results. As a result, the company made back-end technological enhancements including the introduction of In-Chip analytics to enable a solution that makes big data accessible to thousands of users across all platforms, with attractive dashboards and intuitive analytics, encouraging wide adoption.

“The biggest problem that we see in business intelligence space – and it is a 20 year old problem – is adoption,” said Isareli. “While organizations understand the value of BI and they understand the importance of making decisions based on facts and not guts, we have identified reasons why users could not adopt BI even if they wanted to.” These reasons include ease of use, functionality, and most importantly the ability to choose how to use it. These users want to engage with BI and analytics periodically across the day, when they have 5 minutes to spare, or if they have a couple of hours and want to do deep analysis, Israeli explained.  “The idea is to remove obstacles that are preventing adoption.”

SiSense 5 features include the ability to join multiple data sources in a proprietary centralized database; a fully browser-based environment for developing dashboards; responsive design; drill down features to provide easy access to granular data;  in-chip technology; and simple dashboard sharing. “Everything that we are doing in 2014 is all about empowering more business users, letting more business users accomplish more and letting them do it embedded into their own processes,” said Israeli.

For more information, visit the SiSense website.