SiSense Cloud Adds Support for Windows Azure

SiSense and Microsoft have introduced support for Windows Azure in SiSense Cloud, providing customers with the benefits of SiSense in the cloud in addition to on-premise. The addition of Windows Azure will enable more companies to analyze data in real-time without having to purchase and configure additional hardware and software.

The value proposition of the SiSense Cloud offering is threefold. First, it is a turnkey solution for big data analytics in the cloud. “For a business user, this is the lowest friction you can get when it comes to working with big data in the cloud,” Bruno Aziza, vice president of marketing at SiSense, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Second, SiSense provides a subscription model that includes all the hardware and software and allows customers to easily provide more capacity or replicate environments to support more people. Third, SiSense’s hybrid environment works the same way in the cloud as it does on-premises. “SiSense Prism in the cloud is no different than SiSense Prism on-premise,” Aziza explains.

SiSense Prism provides users with the ability to process 10xx more data than RAM in-memory solutions, as well as store and query billions of rows of data. Additionally, it features automatic extraction (ETL) from all major databases and applications and web-based visualization based on HTML 5 and JavaScript.

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