SiSense Speeds Time to Big Data Insights with 'Crowd-Accelerated Analytics'

SiSense,  a providre of big data analytics, today announced the opening of its offices on Wall Street and introduced new patent-pending In-Chip 2.0 technology with "Crowd Accelerated Analytics," which enables SiSense Prism to provide business users with faster query results as loads increase. It also allows businesses to scale to thousands of simultaneous users on a single box.  The announcements were made at the Strata Conference +Hadoop World (booth 70).

Traditional BI tools rely on caching technology that only works well when repeat queries are identical. But business users do not often ask identical questions of their data. While other solutions slow down or choke under the strain of increasing users with unique queries, SiSense Prism increases efficiency and speed by learning from results of similar but not identical queries. The result the company says is that not only are bottlenecks avoided but users are able to benefit from each other’s queries even when queries are not identical.

“Until now, the conversation has been around scaling data,” says Eldad Farkash, Co-Founder and CTO, SiSense. “But what about scaling massive amounts of users and queries? Old school BI nets users limited answers to limited questions. Crowd Accelerated Analytics lets you analyze billions of rows of data in a flash.”

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