Siemens Enterprise Communications Group and Sybase Team Up for Management of Mobile Devices

Sybase and Siemens Enterprise Communications (SEN) Group, a leader in unified communications solutions for the enterprise, yesterday announced a partnership that will provide customers with a fully integrated mobile and fixed line voice and data solution that supports and includes the management of a range of device types through a completely heterogeneous environment.

"They are embedding our software for device management into their solution for unified communications called HiPath MobileConnect. What our software enables is the easy deployment and management of the client piece of their solution," Rob Veitch, senior director of business development at Sybase iAnywhere, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Siemens' solution provides organizations the ability to utilize many off-the-shelf devices that support dual mode capability, voice on a normal wireless network or voice over a wireless LAN, using the Siemens software, to implement a solution where the average employee only needs one phone-their mobile device, says Veitch.

"When they are at their desk their mobile device turns into essentially a desktop phone and uses the local area network and the telecommunications equipment installed at the company, and when they pick up the phone and walk outside, it seamlessly turns into a wide area wireless phone and uses wireless data plans and wireless voice plans just like any normal mobile device," he explains.

The new solution combines Sybase's mobile device management capabilities with the SEN Group's Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) technology, providing a complete end-to-end solution that businesses can deploy to simplify the management of a hugely diversified communications infrastructure. The solution will also help businesses to effectively manage operations such as inventory and expenses, logistics, mobile devices and applications.

The SEN Group chose Sybase as a strategic partner based on the capabilities and strength of its enterprise device management platform and rich expertise and proven leadership in the enterprise mobility space. Sybase Afaria enables the SEN Group to reduce the complexities associated with managing multiple device types at a time when consumers are increasingly bringing personal smart phones into the workplace.

Siemens has a significant installed base of the previous generation of solution and has already started shipping the updated version that leverages the Sybase solution, says Veitch. "It is quite widely deployed in Europe and in Latin America," says Veitch.

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