SigScalr Emerges from Stealth with $1.76M in Funding to Supercharge the Observability Space

SigScalr, a unified observability SaaS solution purpose-built to process large volumes of observability data, is emerging from stealth along with closing a $1.76 million pre-seed round to help address the rampant cost inflation in enterprise application observability.

Scribble Ventures led the round with co-investments from WestWave Capital and Forward Slash Capital. 

The funds will enable SigScalr to launch its open-source software (OSS) product SigLens, a column-oriented database built from scratch for observability, according to SigScalr.

The company will also expand its go-to-market efforts and recruit experts in the software and product development space to power innovation surrounding the observability market. 

SigScalr’s OSS product SigLens is a purpose-built columnar database with dynamic compression that adjusts as data streams in, making it an extremely compact and efficient service, according to the company.

Using micro-indices, SigLens narrows search space, enabling rapid speed queries. Functionally, the platform allows performance engineers to search over compressed data without uncompressing 98% of data.

Additional features and benefits of SigLens include:

  • Scalability
  • Efficiency
  • Fast
  • Ease of use
  • Compatibility

“Most observability platforms specialize on key areas to support log management, metrics and traces forcing developers to tirelessly switch between platforms in order to troubleshoot productivity issues,” said Kunal Nawale, SigScalr founder and CEO. “For a fresh engineer entering the field, the number of tools available for observability is inscrutable and overwhelming. SigScalr is the only unified observability platform enabling developers to seamlessly consolidate observability tools and effectively reduce cloud infrastructure spend and debug issues faster.”

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