Sigma Computing Achieves Elite Status in the Snowflake Partner Network, Enhancing Modern Data Governance and Security

Sigma Computing, an innovator in cloud-native analytics and business intelligence (ABI), has achieved Elite status as a Technology Partner in the Snowflake Partner Network (SPN), making governed data available to business teams for customers on Snowflake‘s cloud data platform.

Administrators are also now able to take advantage of OAuth to manage Snowflake permissions and data access in one place, enhancing modern data governance and making deployment even faster, easier, and more secure.

“Sigma and Snowflake are united by our shared passion for helping our customers harness the full power of their data,” said Snowflake director – global technology alliances Tarik Dwiek. “Organizations have long struggled to connect data sources, analyze data together, and achieve a holistic view of all their data. The combination of Snowflake and Sigma finally makes that a reality – not only for those with SQL skills but for the business teams that need insights to inform the critical decisions they make every day. We are thrilled to grant Sigma Elite status.”

Elite status verifies that Sigma’s cloud ABI platform connectors and integrations for Snowflake adhere to best practices around performance, reliability, and security.

Customers can buy Sigma with confidence, knowing that the platform will work seamlessly and securely with Snowflake on day one.

Customers can learn more about the Snowflake Partner Network and try Sigma through the Partner Connect portal.

Sigma has also achieved Snowflake-Ready Technology status, ensuring rapid, seamless deployments, and is a Snowflake cybersecurity partner, helping customers with security data analytics.

OAuth is an open standard authentication protocol for access delegation that is commonly used as a way for users to securely log into applications without a username and password.

New OAuth support for Snowflake and customers’ OAuth providers allows data access permissions in Snowflake to be “inherited” by Sigma.

Users will now have the same permissions when accessing data in Snowflake, whether it is through the data platform directly or via Sigma, delivering a seamless Single Sign-on experience.

This integration allows Snowflake and Sigma administrators to easily manage permissions and data access in a single location, improving security, reducing administration complexity, and expediting deployment.

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