Silverfort Delivers Scalable Service Account Protection with a Single Click

Silverfort, the Unified Identity Protection provider, is unveiling its expanded Service Account Protection capabilities, which eases the process of automating and scaling the protection of thousands of service accounts. Delivering real-time protection and visibility of service accounts in a single click, Silverfort’s latest release innovates service account security by alleviating both time and cost burdens. 

Silverfort explains that service accounts—often used for inter-machine communication that executes automatic, repetitive, and scheduled actions in the background—are not only complex to protect, but particularly vulnerable to exploitation.

Since service accounts do not require any administrative supervision or human intervention, they cannot be protected by standard identity security controls, such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Furthermore, these service accounts are likely highly privileged accounts that can provide threat actors direct access to critical systems.

According to Silverfort platform data, most companies have 30-40% more service accounts than they had thought. Stepping in to solve this security conundrum, Silverfort’s Service Account Protection fully automates discovery and activity mapping. With its latest expansion, Service Account Protection can scale policies with a single click. New service accounts—which are detected within 30 minutes—are immediately protected.

“Service accounts are a security nightmare because you can’t put MFA on them, so you need to have other means of protection. Silverfort enabled us to put real-time protection on our service accounts by enforcing policies that block any access that deviated from normal behavior,” said Tom Parker, VP of IT and CISO of Kayak. “Because of this, even if attackers were able to compromise the credentials of service accounts, they wouldn’t be able to use them for malicious access. Silverfort was able to protect what no one else could. Of the security tools we use, Silverfort has a very high return on investment.”

Service Account Protection maps each service accounts activity, forming a baseline of normal behavior while surfacing operational dependencies. The solution generates policies automatically that block access or alert on unauthorized activity, paired with detailed reports for proof of protection. Service Account Protection does not require any agents, proxies, or password changes to secure service accounts.

“Identity is the most exposed, vulnerable, and targeted attack surface. Organizations rely on point solutions to secure identities, and still, many identities are left unprotected—this typically includes services accounts,” said Hed Kovetz, CEO and co-founder of Silverfort. “Silverfort prides itself on the ability to protect the unprotected, including service accounts in a non-intrusive way. Silverfort is able to close this gap by automatically discovering, analyzing, and protecting all service accounts without having to modify them, solving massive challenges for organizations when it comes to securing their identity attack surface.”

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